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"Nikki is truly a force. During her time in the TED Residency (spring 2017), she cast off her own anxiety and delivered a powerful talk that dug deep into the complex issues of identity and mental health."

Cyndi Stivers

Senior Curator
TED Conferences

"Nikki puts 100% effort into everything she touches. She is the consummate professional and lives and breathes integrity."

Tatia Williams

Sports and Entertainment Lawyer and Board Member, ILIVEFOR...

"We applaud her ongoing work, which gives voice to young people of color who are struggling, and we are so grateful to have Nikki in our community!"

Katrina Conanan-Riel

Program Manager, TED Residency

"I LIVE FOR is an organization that’s desperately needed. It focuses on a community that’s usually dismissed when it comes to this topic. Nikki has worked tirelessly to create a space where young people of color can find support and hope."

Dior Vargas

Creator of the People of Color & Mental Illness Photo Project

"I have been impressed by her great compassion & honesty. She has a deep understanding of humanities  in American life."

Joy Ford Austin

Executive Director
Humanities DC